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David Duarte



Location of Photo:

Maceio, Brazil

Date/Time of photo:

8 images from 05/07 to 06/06/2016


Celestron 8" SCT, Meade 3x Telextender and Expanse 120 Camera


Sequence of 8 images of the planet Mars comprising weeks before and after the Opposition of 2016. The images were taken approximately at the highest altitude of the planet each night, and it's possible to notice a full rotation of the planet along the period. All the major features of the planet's surface are visible, such as Sinus Sabaeus, Syrtis Major, Elysium Mons and Planitia, Olympus Mons, the Tharsis Montes, The Valles Marineris region, Margaritifer Sinus and Mare Acidalium, as well as the Northern Polar Cap, the Southern one covered by clouds and clouds over other regions. There's a higher resolution version if desired for publication.


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