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Jon Greif



Location of Photo:

Julian, CA, USA

Date/Time of photo:

July 31, 2020, at 11:00 pm PDT


AT72EDII with Focal Reducer (344 FL), ASI533MC Pro One-Shot Camera and ASI120MM OAG Guide Camera, RST-135 Mount, Ekos Capture software on Raspberry Pi4 Computer, Pixinsight 1.8.8 Processing software on Macbook Pro.


Sadr (Gamma-Cygni) is the bright star in the center of this image. With an apparent magnitude of 2.23. It is Cygnus’ second brightest star (Deneb is the brightest), and lies approximately 1,800 light-years from Earth. It marks the intersection of the Northern Cross, a prominent asterism in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan, currently prominent in our Northeastern sky. Sadr is surrounded by a rich field of Milky Way stars, and the diffuse emission nebula IC 1318 (also known as the Butterfly Nebula). This image is a stack of 18 5-minute guided exposures through a 72 mm refracting telescope over about 2 hours with a nearly full moon lighting up the sky.




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