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Parth Patel

Location of Photo:

Ahmedabad, India.

Date/Time of photo:

11.04.2021, 16.04.2021 and 22.04.2021


William Optics Redcat 51 Refractor Telescope, ZWO ASI 183MC Pro Camera, Ioptron CEM26 Goto Mount, L-enhance filter, 32mm Guide Scope and ZWO ASI 224MC as Guide Camera.


Seated in the heart of Cygnus constellation, this emission nebula surrounding the star Sadr, which also goes by the name of Gamma Cygni Nebula or IC 1318, is mainly dominated by Hydrogen gas. Now that the summer has arrived, the time for the large nebulae to rule the summer night sky is nigh. Around 3 hours and 20 minutes of integration went into this, to produce this result. The visibility was poor and the city was covered by smoke due to heavy pollution. This image was taken over the course of 3 nights from Bortle 9 under smoky conditions i.e. on 11.04.2021, 16.04.2021 and 22.04.2021, from Ahmedabad City, Gujarat, India. 


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