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Antonio Gonzalez

Location of Photo:

28.454351, -17.842205 / Salinas de Fuencaliente, La Palma (Canary Island), at 11 m. above sea level.

Date/Time of photo:

21.Ago.2020 / 02:52 h.


Sony Alpha7S modified / ISO 10.000 / 25 seg each one. Lens: Canon 50 mm / f1,8


In the South of La Palma Island (Canary Island), we have a salt pans of Fuencaliente, which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve. A place created through hard labour of nature and human, in mutual harmony and respect. We talk about a different place on our own planet too. In these small lakes - pans we find various micro-organisms and crustaceans such as Dunaliella salina and Artemia salina, ¿typicals of a possible planet or moon with extremely saline seas? Maybe. + Info: https://salinasdefuencaliente.es/en/our-history/




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