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Jakob Andersen

Location of Photo:

The island of Falster, Denmark

Date/Time of photo:



The picture was taken through my TS 480mm telescope, with a 2.7X barlow mounted, together with a Quark daystar H-alpha filter, and a ZWO ASI 174mm pro


Sunday there was lots of activity and exciting areas on the sun. I was hoping to be able to take this picture on sunday as I had heard from others that there was a huge sunspot area. Then I looked out the window, and at the weather forecast and thought it would be another time - but late sunday afternoon the weather changed to more or less perfect, and I got to take this picture of our life-giving sun ;) The seeing was pretty much perfect all the time, so it went "reasonably" fast to focus and get to start the recording :) The image is composed of 30 individual videos which have been stacked, processed and finally put together in photoshop and contrast processed.