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Raymond G. Gregory

Location of Photo:

Mayhill, New Mexico

Date/Time of photo:

February 9, 2019


17" Planewave CDK, FLI-PL6303E, LRGB, Planewave Ascension200-HR, Pixinsight


Seyfert's Sextet, NGC 6027 (a-e), is actually a group of four interacting galaxies, a tidal tail, and a background, non-interacting galaxy. NGC 6027 is the brightest interacting spiral. NGC 6027a is the second brightest interacting spiral galaxy, similar to M104 (Sombrero Galaxy). NGC 6027c is the third brightest interacting spiral of the group. NGC 6027d is a background face-on spiral that is twice the distance of the interacting group. NGC 6027e is actually not a separate galaxy, but a tidal tail of NGC 6027. Thus Seyfert's Sextet may be more aptly designated Seyfert's Quartet to identify the group of interacting galaxies.


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