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Tunç Tezel

Location of Photo:

near Bolu, Turkey

Date/Time of photo:

3rd December 2007


For the main shot showing both objects, I used a 100-400 mm lens at 400 mm f/8, with a Canon EOS 5D camera at ISO 1600 and an exposure of 4 minutes, piggybacked on a Meade 8" LX10 SCT. Then I composed two pictures of both objects separately taken with the 8" SCT. For NGC253, it was an exposure of 1 hour at ISO 800. For NGC288, it was a shorter 10-minute exposure at ISO 1600.


NGC253 is a bright, large spiral galaxy lying about in the faint constellation Sculptor. It is the brightest galaxy in the Sculptor with the magnitude of 7.1; with the distance of 10 million light years. NGC288, on the other hand, lies only 27000 light years away, in the halo of Milky Way. It is a magnitude fainter than NGC253: 8.1. The pair is separated 1 3/4 degrees of sky. They are visible in the same binocular field (about as wide as this picture) but most telescopes are not able to fit them in the same field. South Galactic Pole (SGP) lies less than a degree soutwest of NGC288, close to the lower right corner of this picture.


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