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Location of Photo:

Ferrara (Italy)

Date/Time of photo:

16/06/2024 00:00


Konus 200/1000 @950mm, Player One Poseidon-C camera @-5 °C, Sky-Watcher Eq6r Pro mount, Optolong L_Ultimate and L-QEF filters


With a lot of effort, on the very few good nights, I managed to finish another photo of a little-known area in the constellation Cygnus, namely the pair of emission nebulae Sh2-115 and Sh2-116. Sh2-115 is an emission nebula 7500 light years away from us in the Orion Arm region located just beyond the large nebulous system of the Cygnus X black hole, from which it is about 1600 light years away. It is a HII region of considerable extension with an oval shape and crossed in a northwest-southeast direction by a dark band that apparently divides it into two equal parts: the eastern part is dominated by the presence of a small open cluster, known as Berkeley 90, with which it is physically associated, while the western part lies in the direction of the variable star α2 CVn HD 196178 (V2015 C