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Bill Jones

Location of Photo:

BackYard Tennessee

Date/Time of photo:

nov 1 2007


Tulip Nebula and Surrounding Nebulosities in Cygnus 21 x 600 sec Raw with Darks _ Flats-Calibrated with ImagePlus HUTECH MODIFIED CANON XTi (Canon Rebel XTi (400DH) spectrum enhanced camera with built-in astronomical UV/IR blocking filter (Type Ib) ) @ISO 1600 Custom White Balance Scope = Meade 5000 ED 80 with .8 Focal Reducer on Top CGE 1100 Guiding with PhD Process with ImagePlus and PhotoShop Graident XT Teminator


The image shows Sharpless 101 Nebula, a faint emission type nebula known also as Tulip Nebula on right with n Cygni to far right in the well known Northern Cross asterism. Surrounding nebulosities also contain 25 and 28 Cygni and NGC 6871 an open star cluster, also idenfied as GC 4548, h 2067 and Struve 2630


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