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Rahul Sud



Location of Photo:

Jalori Pass, Kullu,Indian Himalayas

Date/Time of photo:

11th Sept , 2012


Nikon D 7000 Lens : Nikkor 18-35mm


I was in a real gloomy mood inside my tent whilst on a recent trek.I had this urge to go out and have a drag around 9 PM. Who said diamonds are found only on earth..i saw them scattered across the sky , as i stepped out of my tent..into the crisp , cold, rarefied mountain air, ...and as if to add to the beauty, the woolly mist rolled in out of nowhere ...and enveloped the valley in an affectionate hug...much like a mother hugging her new born child in winter ...i was only a privileged spectator...and blessed too..for it was ordained for me to witness the sublime union ...and so i thanked the stars of my existence that they allowed me the honor of this gentle and encompassing spectacle...i am blessed in ways that elude the ordinary mortals ...such are the honors and pleasures that life bestows upon me.


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