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Location of Photo:

Wellington, New Zealand

Date/Time of photo:

April 28 to May 13, appoximately 6:30-7:10 pm each night


SkyWatcher Esprit 80mm, Celestron AVX, ASI294mc with ZWO UV IR Cut Filter, Captured/Processed in ASI Studio, APP, and GIMP


This image shows Comet 12p/Pons-Brooks as it appeared over six nights from Wellington, New Zealand, on 28 April, 29 April, 4 May, 8 May, 9 May, and 13 May. This comparison reveals the changing structure of the comet and especially its tail, as it moves away from the sun and eventually out of the inner solar system. Images taken just after sunset and within a short window of opportunity, as 12P was low in the sky in the Southern Hemisphere when it was brightest. By mid May, the comet was visually fading, but it still revealed clear details. Each image is approximately 25 minutes of exposure from a stack of 60 second subs.