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Nikos Paschalis



Location of Photo:

Skiathos - Hellas

Date/Time of photo:

22 July 2012


Canon Eos 50D Canon EFS 18-200 mm (working at 18mm - f/3.5)


Kastro was the biggest medieval town from the twelfth century till 1830. It was built upon a cliff sticking out into the ocean at the north end of the island. Just a narrow strip connected the cliff to the island itself. Here there was built a strong wall with a solid door. The cliff is very high with steep sides. Therefore the people who lived there had a secure town which was easy to defend against enemies. At its largest there were about 300 houses and 22 churches here. Today just one church remains and the ruins of a few others. Parts of the defence wall facing the main island also remain. There are also a couple of restored private houses here.




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