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Luigi Morrone

Location of Photo:

Agerola- Amalfitana Cast-Italy

Date/Time of photo:



C14 Edge HD,Fornax 52,ASI 174-290mono, Baader RGB,Ir610nm,Ir807nm


A collection of my best Solar and Planetary images captured in the last months from my observatory located in Agerola (Amalfitan Coast – Italy). Every single planet was monitored trying to choose the best observation window in terms of seeing condition, elevation and planet position from my location. For Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune i have used the following setup: C14 Edge HD, Fornax52 mount, Barlow Zeiss, Camera ASI 290MM, Baader filters RGB, IR1000nm, R+IR610nm, Astronomik IR>807nm. For solar image in white light, i have used the following setup: C14 Edge HD, Fornax52 mount, Baader Continuum 510nm, Baader ND3.2, ASI camera 174MM. For solar H-alpha image, i have used the following setup: Achromatic Refractor TS 152/900, Fornax52 mount, Camera ZWO ASI 174MM, Daystar Cromosphere 0.6A ,Telecentric Barlow 4.3X Baader D-ERF. To note: the location of Triton corresponds to the right position of the satellite, taken on October 18th 2021, UT 19:54.5 CM=177.7°. For all planetary images the North is up. The image dimension is about 3600x800 pix and i recommend to see the link below for the full resolution: https://www.astrobin.com/full/7977xp/0/