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Vincenzo Mirabella

Location of Photo:

Ardea (RM) Italy

Date/Time of photo:

04 June 2022 - 11:47:36 UT


Newton "AM200" 200/1200 mm - APO TS Photoline 102mm f/7.0 FPL-53


The photo shows the ISS during the central passage and is the result of the composition of two images obtained with different instruments. ISS: Stack of 11 Frames - Newton "AM200" 200/1200 mm - Barlow Televue Barlow 2x (at 1.5x) - Solar filter Astrosolar density nd = 3.8 - Astronomik green filter L-RGB Type 2C - Canon Eos 550d mod. Video MOV 1920x1080 px 25fps Solar disk: composition of 6 panels - refractor APO TS Photoline 102mm f/7.0 FPL-53 - 31.8mm Herschel Lunt prism - Baader Planetarium Solar Continuum filter (540nm) - ZWO ASI 290mm 1936x1096px