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Mike C

Location of Photo:

Prairieville, LA

Date/Time of photo:

07/20/11 @ 5:43AMCST


Fuji S2 Pro SLR: ISO100, F4, (2) 15 second exposures. Heavily processed in PS.


I saw the space shuttle pass overhead for the last time this morning! Beautiful! The photo is a compilation overlay of two images (15 second exposures) taken about 15 seconds apart, which is why you see two sets of streaks with a gap in the middle. Because of the brightness of the sky this morning, I had to process the heck out of the images. This is why you see noisy dots in the streaks rather than a nice clean line. The paths only showed up in the RED channel (and then, only barely so). I copied out the RED channel info and adjusted the levels until just the streaks remained, then did a lighten overlay of just the streak pixels into the composite RGB background image. We were supposed to see both the space shuttle and the ISS this morning. I don't know which this is, or if it's both because of proximity. I expect we'll know more when other folks post their images. -Mike




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