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Philip Smith

Location of Photo:

manorlive, ny USA

Date/Time of photo:

3-12-20 / 5:47am EST


Edge HD 14" / Astrodon Red filter / ZWO ASI174 mm / 1.6 X barlow / Custom EQ-G Tracking Mount


Space-X Dragon CRS-20 docked to International Space Station 84° overhead at 17,500 Mph




Image of Philip Smith

Philip Smith

March 13, 2020 at 4:26 pm

My name is Philip Smith, I am the person that took this image form my backyard in Manorville, NY, USA. It is a long dream to have one of my images in SKY&TELESCOPE. So SKY&TELESCOPE make my dream come true. 🙂 Kind Regards To ALL

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