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Iran, Lorestan

Date/Time of photo:



Canon EOS 6D - 16-350 mm


‏Bishe Waterfalls is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Iran & Lorestan province which located between connected road of Doroud & Khoramabad mountains. Bishe is about 48 meters in height to reach ground and 10 meters to join the Sezar river & it's crown width reach to 20 meters. At top of the waterfall just infront of train station, there are many springs which formed it after passing the station. Due to it is closeness to vast Oak forests, Bishe village and the Bishe station landscape ; here is one most attractive recreation places for tourists and local residents for resting and camping . Most of lights seen in the photo made by lights of recreation place, lamps & passenger's fires. Also lights at top of the waterfall caused by Bishe train station. ‏Looking this landscape & other beautiful places all over Iran cross-country railway . I thought some locations all over Iran railway road made it to one of the most beautiful railroad of the world. Of course can't deny the beauty of moonlight effect on blue sky.




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