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Franz Xaver Kohlhauf

Location of Photo:

Wackersberg, about 50km south of Munich, Germany

Date/Time of photo:

August 9, 2008 21:57 UT


Canon EOS 400 D at 800 ISO with Sigma 18-125mm lens set a f/4.5, guided manually for 127sec. A photo-flash was used to illuminated the foreground.


With this photograph I wanted to express what makes us star- gazers tick. A clear dark night, away from the lights of civilisation. Our home galaxy spread out over almost all of our night sky. One of the eternal wonders we may experience and yes, we are even able to photograph it ! Of course, my friend Reinhold Kammhuber who posed for the shot, prefers to have less light around his observing place, but for this picture he made an exception to the rule.




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