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Eitel Monaco

Location of Photo:

Geneva Switzerland

Date/Time of photo:

17 november 2011


Meade RCX400 16', with Sony digital camera and spectroscopy glass


Is it possible to do spectroscopy with 5$? Buy on line a 5$ filter for night illumination analysis, apply to the front of a digtal camera connected to the tescope, tilt it by 30 degreeand make a 10 seconds drift exposure, and you get great spectum of the stars' light. In Vega, a young star still burning H, it is possible to see the lines of HBeta, HGamma and HDelta in the blue part, and also the Ha in the red part, at the limit of the red sensitivity on my camera sensor. In the other older stas spectrum, where the H is now fused into heavvier elements, it is possible to see several other lines for elements like CH, CO,CN, MgH, ...etc. A lot of fun for 5 $!


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