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Peter Lardizabal



Location of Photo:

Lighthouse Point Park, FL

Date/Time of photo:

6/8/07 approx. 7:42 pm


Tele Vue NP-101, home built alt-az mount, 2x Tele Vue barlow, 3" extension tube, Canon 30D Effective focal Lent is about 1728mm (540mm X 2) X 1.6 (camera multiplying factor)


Oblique view of the shuttle launch. Lighthouse Point Park, FL is 30 or so miles north of the Cape. Typical views of the SRB separation from the Cape show the rear view of the shuttle. This view is from the side and scales out to a line of sight distance of approximately 54 miles. Vehicle velocity at this point is near one mile per second. The most difficult considerations are panning at this long focal length and manually focusing at the same time.


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