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Location of Photo:

Washington D.C.

Date/Time of photo:

26-27 March 2023 / 22:22:54 - 03:38:28; 27-28 March 2023 / 22:16:55 - 04:36:30


Scope: WO Zenith Star 81mm f/6.9 with WO 6AIII Flattener/Focal Reducer x0.8; Cooled Camera: ZWO ASI 2600 MC Pro at 100 Gain and 50 Offset; Mount: iOptron GEM28-EC; Guider: ZWO Off-Axis Guider; Guide Camera: ZWO ASI 174mm mini; Focuser: ZWO EAF; Light Pollution Filter: Chroma LoGlow Broadband - 2"; Software: Pixinsight.


At the intersection of the two white lines in my image is a faint spot which is the location of a Type Ic supernova SN 2023dbc as reported on 13 March 2023 from the Zwicky Transient facility (ZTF). Since my image was acquired 13-14 days later than first reported, it is likely that what is being seen is a supernova in a decaying state of brightness. Having acquired 122x300s subs, which equates to 10.2 hours of total exposure, I processed the data in Pixinsight.