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Location of Photo:

Stouffville, Ontario, Canada

Date/Time of photo:

December 14, 2021


8" Newtonian, ASI294MM-P, 2" SHO filters


I have tried this nebula in HOO before and this time processed it in SHO after collecting for about 7 hours of data on a rare clear night after a month and a half of clouds in Southern Ontario, Canada. IC 410 is located 12,000 lightyears from Earth in the Auriga constellation, and is nicknamed the Tadpole Nebula because of the tadpole-shaped clouds of dark dust that appear to be swimming towards the center. The Tadpole Nebula is a region of ionized hydrogen gas spanning over 100 lightyears across that’s carved and sculpted by streams of charged particles called stellar winds emanating from open star cluster NGC 1893. The ‘tadpoles’ that give the nebula its nickname are dense streams of dust and gas about 10 lightyears long that may well be sites of star formation. The Tadpole are clearly shown in this SHO format. Hope you like it. Scope: SW208CF (8" Newtonian f/4) Camera: ASI294MM-P Filters: Optolong 2" SHO filters Exposures: 30x5 mins S, 30x5 mins H, 24x5 mins O (Total of 7 hours) Calibrations: 20 Flats on each channel, 30 darks Bortle 7 backyard, Southern Ontario Moon Phrase: 82%