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Location of Photo:

Sarasota, FL

Date/Time of photo:

Jan 2023


ES127 Telescope, iOptron CEM70G mount, QHY EFW, QHY 268M Camera.


IC 2177, also known as the Seagull Nebula, is a large, roughly circular H II emission nebula situated at the borders of the constellations of Monoceros and Canis Major. Located 3650 light-years away, this target includes some reflection nebula and is illuminated by the bright star B0 subgiant HD 53367, a young 20 solar mass star with a five solar mass companion in a highly elliptical orbit. The full form of the “Seagull” is quite large, measuring about 249 light-years across. This works out to about 20 arcseconds in angular size, requiring a telescope with a wider field of view to see the full field. I didn't have this kind of FOV, but I got most of it. Missing a few other objects on the edges it this.