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Ken Vaughan

Location of Photo:

Cattle Point, Victoria, BC, Canada

Date/Time of photo:

29 Sept 20


12" Meade LX200GPS, ZWO ASI178MM, Astronomik 742 filter


This region is uplifted from the surrounding area by 2 km through lunar vulcanism. The crater Aristarchus (40 km) is the brightest feature on the nearside of the Moon, owing to its relatively young age of 450 million years. To its immediate west is Herodotus (35 km). Just north of Herodotus is the start of a spectacular rille (a collapsed volcanic tube), Vallis Schroteri. Where it starts it is 10 km wide, but narrows to 6 km wide at its end, after winding for 160 km. You can see the whole plateau is dark, the result of pyroclastic eruptions.


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