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Stephane Murphy

Location of Photo:

Granville, Ohio

Date/Time of photo:

September 2008


Mount: Paramount ME Optic: Planewave Instruments CDK 12.5 F8 Camera: SBIG STL11000M Guider: ST-402 with Astrodon MOAG Astrodon Filters Generation 2


This is the Shiny Bubble Nebula – NGC 7635. The beautiful Bubble Nebula can be seen towards the constellation of Cassiopeia. Ultraviolet light from the star causes the gas to glow through a process known as fluorescence, and winds of material blown out from the star give the nebula its characteristic shape. The nebula is some 10 light years across. The image was acquired from my backyard observatory in Granville Ohio in a warm September night 2008.


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