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Location of Photo:

Shuangzi/Gemini Observatory Lijiang YunNanChina

Date/Time of photo:

The project started from late November 2019 and ends late Feb.2020


qhyccd814A, Officina Stellare RH200, AP1100 GTOCP4


My first attempt on the chaotic NGC1333 was back in 2017. The unique structure and the colorful region draw me like a powerful magnet. Bound by the limited weather condition I challenged it, nonetheless. I failed. After 3 years, with a fixed station I decided to challenge it again. I won’t claim a victory, yet the result is acceptable. The newborn star combines with the HH object in the dusty core of the nebula yield a delicate piece of jewel with well crafted sapphire, rubies and opal. I simply name it the celestial pendant, since the rather scientific name of NGC1333 shadow its beauty. The image is captured with LRGB method with RGB at bin 2.


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