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José J. Chambó

Location of Photo:

Hoya Redonda, Valencia (Spain)

Date/Time of photo:

Jul 10, 2016 @ 01:38 UT


GSO 8" f/3.8 & Canon EOS-100D


"The Coathanger" or Collinder 399 (Cr 399) is an asterism: a grouping of stars that can be see from Earth showing a peculiar alignment which in this case seems the shape of a coathanger. The straight line formed by six stars is the support and four stars in its south side (upwards in image) forms the hook. Was first described by the Persian astronomer Abd Al-Rahman Al Sufi in his "Book of Fixed Stars" written on year 964. Immersed into the Milky Way is located between constellations Vulpecula and Sagitta. Its ten stars have a brightness from 5 to 7 magnitude. Under a dark sky can be seen at naked eye as an unresolved patch of light, but using only a binoculars appears immediately the Coathanger.




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