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Location of Photo:

Shuangzi/Gemini Observatory Lijiang YunNanChina

Date/Time of photo:

The project started from December 2019 and ends late Feb.2020


qhyccd814A, Officina Stellare RH200, AP1100 GTOCP4


The challenges of imaging the black eye galaxy has far exceeded my expectation. The dynamic range of the imaging region was surreal. The M64 is extremely bright comparing to the surrounding IFN. Numerous methods were tried, and I have settled with the one that led to the current result. The 2019-2020 imaging season has been plagued with bad weather. I have no choice but settled with compromised imaging method. The finished image shows a complex and colorful detail of the galaxy core, while the rest of the image remains mostly black and white. As if in the harsh world, there is always a bit color to warm you up. That manifests the hope. The image is captured with LRGB method with RGB at bin 2.


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