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José J. Chambó

Location of Photo:

Hoya Redonda, Valencia (Spain)

Date/Time of photo:

2013-07-06 @ 02:17 TU


GSO 8" f/4 Refractor + Canon EOS 350D camera (3×180 sec. at ISO 1600)


At the end of 2013 May and on a few days the long and gassy tail wich have distinguished to comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon) have completely dissapeared, as can be see in this image that I took on July 6 from Sierra Enguera in wich only is observed your dust tail of 15' long toward southwest. The comet Lemmon continues going away from Sun and down brightness, near magnitude 9 in the image, although continues showing a beautiful turquoise coma of fluorescent C2 gas. The most brilliant red star is Tau Cassiopeiae with magnitude 5.




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