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Piotr Dzikowski

Location of Photo:

Italy (Borgognano Farm House)

Date/Time of photo:



Takahashi 106ED, SBIG 11000M, Takahashi EM-200 USD.


Located between the more famous Cygnus and Aquila, the stars of Sagitta (Arrow) were interpreted by many cultures as an arrow. The ancient Greeks took the constellation to be the arrow Hercules used to kill the eagle which upon Zeus’ command consumed the liver of the titan Prometheus over and over again, after he gave humanity the gift of fire. The Sagitta is a small constellation, but it includes many stars. This high resolution mosaic includes more than 500000 stars.The photo was composed of four images. Every individual image was the composition of L6x15min, R4x10min, G3x10min, B3x10min frames. There’s also a room for deep-sky objects such as Messier 71, many large nebulae like LDN 721, 733, 731, 745, 766, 782, IC1305 and many smaller ones.


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