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Anupam Naskar

Location of Photo:

Himachal Pradesh , INDIA

Date/Time of photo:

29th May at 2.30 am


Nikon D7500


The beauty of the night sky . “ The milkyway “ also called “Akash-Ganga” as per indian mythology. Snapped this cosmic beauty at a remote village above on the Himalaya mountain. It’s Lake Nako along with a Buddhist Monastery which is situated at an altitude of 3625 mtrs . It is at trans-himalayan region in India. Beautiful Galactic core is lies 26 light year away , where as the arm Sagittarius & Perseus are seen with core. The Dark Horse nebula running from the core and it’s one leg touch Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex where the brightest star of the scorpius constellation “ antares” is seen. Sagittarius is seen at left side of the milkyway core. If we see straight towards core from the star Kaus Borealis of Sagittarius, we can see "Lagoon Nebula & Small Sagittarius star cloud" just like patch of purple. Above the hill some stars formed like Kings's crown which is the constellation named Corona Australis . Camera : Nikon D 7500 Lense : 11 mm of Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 ISO : 3200 Light frame : 18 x 20 sec each Dark frame : 8 x 20 sec each Copyright: Anupam Naskar