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Peter Hannah

Location of Photo:

IC Astronomy, Oria, Spain

Date/Time of photo:

May 2024


Planewave CDK 14, 10Micron GM2000 mount, FLI Proline P9000 CCD camera, Astrodon LRGB filters


The nebula is displayed in the Hubble (SHO) pallette. Exposure times were SII 12.5 hrs, H-α 8hrs, OIII 26 hrs. The deeper exposures are needed to display the outer shells of expanding gas. To display the stars with their correct colours, data from an earlier RGB imaging run was used, exposure times being: Red 3.5 hrs, Green 3 hrs, Blue 4 hrs. In post-processing the stars were removed from the narrowband image and replaced by those from the broadband run using the tools in PixInsight.