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Alan Gillespie

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The Eagle & The Butterfly, am imperfect composite mosaic First credit where credit is due: NoirLab Images, Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, and Jerry Oltion’s ‘Big, Bold, Bright and Beautiful file. This image is a composite from three different sources: 1) A monochrome mosaic of images from the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey for details; processed with FITS Liberator, CS2, and ICE. 2) The color is from one of my images of the Milky Way taken with my camera in August 2019. shot with a 50mm Olynpus lens on my Canon SL1 camera, processed with RawTherapee, Deep Sky Stacker, RNCColorStrech, CS2, and StarNet++. 3) Several bright areas were blown out from the Palomar images, so I downloaded images of M16, M17, M22, M20, and M8 from NoirLab and added them. Final image was processed with Affinity Photo.