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Rafael Compassi and Avani Soares

Location of Photo:

Canoas - Brazil

Date/Time of photo:



C14 Edge HD ASI224MC 1500 of 3000 frames Gamma 90 49ms exposure 149 gain


The Homunculus Nebula is a bipolar emission and reflection nebula surrounding the massive star system Eta Carinae, about 7,500 light-years (2,300 parsecs) from Earth. The nebula is embedded within the much larger Carina Nebula, a large star-forming H II region. The Homunculus consists of two lobes, referred to as NW and SE based on their orientation as seen from Earth, each approximately 7" wide by 5" long. There is also a ragged equatorial skirt of material which can be seen faintly in deep images at certain wavelengths. The lobes are mostly hollow with the material strongly concentrated towards the poles.




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