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Location of Photo:

Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 44221

Date/Time of photo:

April 3 2020 8:37pm Local EST


Meade ETX 105 Telescope with a ZWO ASI294 Camera


What I believe to be a good representation of the true color of the moon as seen from my backyard in ohio. This is a 60 second 19fps image captured using ZWO software and the best 20% of the frams were stacked in Autostakkert 3. The TIF file was further process in photoshop where I performed an auto color Auto Contrast process and then ever so slightly adjusted the color balance. A very little bit of Unsharp mask was used to slightly sharpen the image. When comparing the picture to a NASA Color image taken by the lunar reconnaissance Orbitor, it appears that i may be fairly close to a true color image of the moon


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