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Labis, Johor, Malaysia

Date/Time of photo:



Sony a7RII, Rokinon 20mmF1.8, Canon EF200mmF2.8 II


In the early morning of June 14, I ventured into a deserted high-ground place deep in a Malaysian plantation to admire the strawberry supermoon scape. The dark barren surroundings and the foggy sprawling hills in the distance, combined with the complete silence and the bright moonshine, were creating a mesmerizing atmosphere and an out-of-the-world experience. I am truly thankful for the hobby of astronomy and (landscape) astrography (including many inspirations from Sky&Tel) that brought me to this place. I chose to capture a larger moon image with the 200mm lens and then merged it to another shot using the 20mm lens (ISO640, 2s). This image is cropped from the original frame.