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Location of Photo:

Lichfield, UK

Date/Time of photo:

16 July 2021


TS Photon 800/200, ZWO ASI1600mm pro, Ioptron CEM 40


2021 has been a period of permacloud in the Midlands of the UK. When people to the north, south, east or west of us have been imaging - we have mainly had cloud. Imaging sessions have been precious, but have not yielded much data to process. I managed to get 15, 5 minute subs each of H alpha and Oiii on the Eastern Veil between clouds. Looking at the image - I thought that I could get more creative (because I had no other data to process) so I created a starless image in PI, transferred it to Photoshop and played with clipping and rotation of the image. This is the result - I am interested to see what people think about it.