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Location of Photo:

Westford, Massachusetts

Date/Time of photo:

12-12-2021 8:00 PM


Orion SkyView Pro 100 EQ f/6 on Celestron Advanced VX Mount, Canon T2i @ ISO 800 (unmodded), Neewer Intervalometer, 22x180 sec light frames


This is the Pleiades from December 12, 2021 from the ATMoB (Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston) field in Westford, MA. Here are my acquisition details: - Orion SkyView Pro 100 EQ f/6 Achromat - Celestron Advanced VX Computerized Mount - Canon T2i and Intervalometer. - 22x180 sec lights (total 66 minute exposure) - 6 darks - 50 bias - 20 flats - Stacked in DeepSkyStacker - Post processed in Photoshop by adjusting levels, curves, vibrance, and saturation Although the image is from last year, the Pleiades has been rising earlier and earlier so I thought it would be an appropriate submission as motivation to observe/image M45 once again this year.