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Diptiman Nandy

Location of Photo:

IC Astronomy. Oria, Almería, Spain

Date/Time of photo:

Multiple nights from 19.8.2021 to 14.12.2021, 20.01 pm


Equipment: FLI PL16083, Takahashi FSQ-106ED, Paramount MX+ mount


Details: The Sadr Region (also known as IC 1318 or the Gamma Cygni Nebula) is the diffuse emission nebula surrounding Sadr (γ Cygni) at the center of Cygnus's cross. The Sadr Region is one of the surrounding nebulous regions; others include the Butterfly Nebula (middle) and the Crescent Nebula (upper right corner). It contains many dark nebulae in addition to the emission diffuse nebulae. Exif: Ha - 46 x 600 seconds , OIII - 44 x 600 seconds , SII - 45 x 600 seconds , f/3.6 (with 0.73x focal reducer) , 382 mm Filters: Astrodon Ha (3nm), SII (3nm), OIII (3nm) Softwares used: Deep Sky Stacker, PixInsight, Photoshop Image acquired via Telescope Live Author: Diptiman Nandy