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Rod Pommier



Location of Photo:

Pommier Observatory, Portland, OR, USA

Date/Time of photo:

2015-06-25 through 2015-07-05


Telescope/Mount: Celestron Compustar C14 with AstroPhysics 0.75x focal reducer (f/8) Camera: SBIG STL 11000M with Baader Planetarium HaRGB filters. Exposures: HaRGB=720:110:110:110=15 hours 40 minutes total exposure.


This little nebula, situated between the North America and Pelican nebulae, has been described as the Skull Nebula because of its oval shape and the location of the bright blue and yellow stars suggesting eyes. However, I think the overall shape and stars in the position of eyes are much more suggestive of a Storm Trooper helmet from Star Wars. Technically, the object is part of the IC 5070 portion of the Pelican Nebula. The nebulosity in the left lower corner of the image is the beak of the Pelican Nebula and the nebulosity in the upper left corner is the northeast coast of North America in the North America Nebula. It is estimated to lie 1,800 light-years from Earth.




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