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Jeff Reitzel

Location of Photo:

Chubbuck, ID

Date/Time of photo:

11/22/2021-12/04 2021


Stellarvue SVX102T with 0.74 reducer, Paramount MyT, QHY268M, Astronomik 6nm Ha, Oiii, and Sii filters


Westerhout 5 (Sh2-199) -The Soul Nebula. A very large emission nebula located in Cassiopeia approximately 6000-7500 light years from Earth. Home to numerous dark nebula, bok nodules, and open star clusters including IC 1848. This image spans an area equivalent to roughly 4 full moons in the sky. This eastern companion to the Heart Nebula is often seen by observers as a baby resulting in it's popular name. This is 22 hours of narrow band integration time using 600s subs. It includes much of the faint nebulosity and a couple small emission nebula surrounding then main part of The Soul Nebula.