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Raymond G. Gregory

Location of Photo:

Siding Spring, Australia

Date/Time of photo:

June-July 2019


20" Planewave CDK, Planewave Ascension 200 HR Mount, FLI ProLine 11002M , 0.66 Field Reducer, Astrodon L filters, Pixinsight


Designated "The Star Queen" by Robert Burnham, Jr., (who apparently concluded theree were already too many celestial references), The Eagle Nebula in Serpens is part of the diffuse emission nebula, IC 4703, and home to the "Pillars of Creation" (below center) and d"The Stellar Spire" (upper left quadrant), made famous by a 1995 HST image. The nebula is 6500 LY distant, and approx. 20 LY in rough diameter. The Pillars of Creation, stellar nurseries, are 2-3 LY in length.


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