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Will Davis



Location of Photo:

Tucson, Arizona

Date/Time of photo:

02:18 P.M. MST, 01-03-2012.


Meade Saturn DS114EC newtonian reflector, fitted with an Orion 5.81" full aperture solar glass filter, and a Meade 40mm super plössl, taken with a Olympus C-750 UZ. 1/500 second, at f/3.5, ISO 50.


My first solar observation to start 2012. Received the filter as a gift, and it has made solar observation a real fun hobby after using the projection method for some time before. The seeing was quite less than perfect, lots of wispy clouds all over the sky, (none in front of the Sun), and much haze was present as well, the camera managed to capture the actual color that the filter provides, even though it wasn't visible to the eye, due to the poor conditions.


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