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Location of Photo:

Calhoun Co. Park WV

Date/Time of photo:

May 29th- June 3rd 6.5hrs 0f exposure total


Askar FMA 180mm F4.5 ZWO ASI2600MC OSC camera


I went to Calhoun Co. park near Grantsville, WV for the first time and had great weather and a great initial experience. This is an up and coming dark sky site that has solid bortle 3 skies with SQM readings to 21.7 very best reading while I was there. Maybe not the epitome but darn good for a guy from Ohio The volunteer park director was very welcoming and visited us often. They have made great improvements to the facilities to cater to amateur astronomers. My intent was to put my new sharpstar 130mm f2.8 through the paces and also take a good image of Rho if possible with the Askar 180mm. Well it turned out it was very possible. when I saw the first frame of the stack it was game on. I was pleased to be able to take a photo this far north of this quality with minimal processing. This place will soon become a new gem to the astronomy community of the Midwest. You guys should really do an article about the park also. They have built a beautiful little cabin (and plan to build more if things work out) to rent to astronomers on new moon weekends and offer plenty of power and camping areas. Thanks, Jeffrey Thomas