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Antonio Gonzalez

Location of Photo:

28.454351, -17.842205 / Salinas de Fuencaliente, La Palma (Canary Island), at 11 m. above sea level.

Date/Time of photo:

21.Ago.2020 / 20:40 h.


Sony Alpha7S modified / 18 shoots / ISO 10.000 / 25 sec each one. Lens: IRIX 15 mm / f2,4 I used a stitch panorama program and Photoshop


This fish eye picture is coming from a composition (panoramic) with 18 pictures, for an 360º immersive composition. For me it is like a human eye (not only for the fish eye picture). From the salt pans of Fuencaliente (La Palma Island, Canary Island - Spain), in the South of my island. In the picture we can see the heaps of salt, stars reflections and the light of the lighthouse of the South too.




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