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David Rosenthal

Location of Photo:

Midland Park, NJ

Date/Time of photo:

Most of July 2009


Self-Modified 400D,Takahashi FS-60C + FS60 FF f/6.1 50 by 600 through an Astronomik 12nm Ha Filter 50 by 300 through an Astronomik CLS Filter (RGB) Total Exposure Time = 10.84 Hours Pre-processing, ASCOM Control, guiding and image acquisition in Maxim DL v5 Processed in PSCS2 with GXT and Noel Carboni's Actions


The brighter segments of the nebula are listed in the New General Catalog under the designations NGC 6960, 6979, 6992, and 6995. The easiest segment to find is 6960, which runs through the naked eye star 52 Cygni. NGC 6979 - the central portion of the Veil Complex is Pickering's Wedge, or Pickering's Triangular Wisp. This segment of nebulosity was discovered photographically by Williamina Fleming, but credit went to her supervisor Edward Pickering, as was the custom of the day, thus named after Pickering as a result.




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