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Location of Photo:

Monteorsaro, Italy

Date/Time of photo:

February 13th 2022


Canon EOS 6D mod Samyang 14mm. 10x90s f/4 6400 ISO tracked with SkyWatcher Staradventurer for sky; Canon EO 6D stock with Samyang 14mm. 120s f/4 6400 ISO untracked for landscape


The winter Milky Way from Monteorsaro. Compared to the more "traditional" summer Milky Way photos, which photograph the center of our galaxy, in winter the outermost portion is visible, fainter but no less rich in interesting objects: the constellation Orion, in the center, with its beautiful nebulae, Taurus with the Pleiades (on the right) and its dark clouds just to name a few. The planet Mars (the brightest orange star) and the comet ZTF (sharpen your eyes, it's very small!) are also visible. The landscape is a classic of the Apennines near Reggio Emilia, "il Gigante": the massif of Mount Cusna, vaguely resembling a lying human figure, and rising over 2,000 m above sea level.