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Rod Pommier

Location of Photo:

Portland, Oregon, USA

Date/Time of photo:

2015-09-27, 3:00 hours GMT


Celestron Super C8 Plus/Byers Mount, Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer-corrector, Canon EOS 20D camera.. Stack of four 2-second exposures at ISO 800.


In Portland, Oregon, the moon rose just before the start of totality and didn't climb very many degrees above the horizon before totality ended. So, I had to shoot through a great deal of atmosphere, under windy conditions, with a fairly bright twilight sky. To make matters still more difficult, it was a very dark (L=2) eclipse. This is a stack of four-2-second exposures, which I processed to somewhat equalize the extensive dynamic range of the eclipse and show detail and color in both the bright and dark parts of the moon within the umbra.


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