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Frankie Lucena

Location of Photo:

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Date/Time of photo:

Aug 19, 2017 between 06:39:01 and 07:28:51 UTC


Full Spectrum Canon Eos Rebel T3 with a 50mm lens


These are Transient Luminous Events or can also be referred to as Upper Atmospheric Lightning. This is a rare type of lightning that appears above powerful thunderstorms and is seldom seen with the naked eye because they happen so quickly. These 4 events occurred within a span of 1 hour and were well placed so I decided to stack them. The one to the far left of the image is a Sprite-Halo event and the other 3 are partial Gigantic Jet lightning events. Unlike Sprites, Gigantic Jets are visible to the naked eye and will leave you in "Awe" if you are lucky enough to see one. I have been lucky enough to see 3 of them so far and they are a truly spectacular sight indeed. These events occurred when TS Harvey was just south of Puerto Rico on Aug 19, 2017.




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