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Vishal Sharma

Location of Photo:

Greater Noida Extension, Uttar Pradesh, India

Date/Time of photo:

2020-11-23 to 2020-12-03


Meade 70mm Refractor, Thousand Oaks Solar Filter, iOptron MiniTower Mount, ZWO ASI120 MC-S, ZWO IR/UV cut Filter, GSO 0.5x Reducer.


Sunspots are temporary phenomena on the Sun's photosphere that appear as spots darker than the surrounding areas. They are regions of reduced surface temperature caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux that inhibit convection, in this new Solar Cycle 25, the sun has started showing various groups of sunspots, active regions, and prominences, this image of photosphere is a collage of a huge sunspot AR2786 showing its orientations and progression as our sun rotates, the size of the sunspot is much bigger than the total diameter of the four terrestrial planets.




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